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February 7, 2005
Down, Dirty, and Demoted

Traffic around the old 'nose suddenly spiked yesterday, so I checked the stats and most of the new hits are coming from people searching for some variation on "national guard mud wrestling pics". Thanks to the wonders of web searching, this query leads people to this post of mine from last February.

Naturally this piqued my curiosity. A new military scandal? This time with muddy ladies? Reenactments of that scene in Stripes?

It turns out that's pretty much right. Some soldiers have been demoted after throwing a mud-wrestling party at Camp Bucca in Iraq.

The News reported the debauchery at Camp Bucca after receiving more than 30 photos of female G.I.s stripped to their undies and cavorting in a mud-filled pool as their male comrades in arms cheered them on.

The incident allegedly was organized by sergeants, and involved men and women assigned to guard Iraqi detainees transferred there from notorious Abu Ghraib prison, according to an Army report obtained by The News.

Investigators quoted a witness who said that sergeants involved also were lending their rooms to male and female soldiers for sex parties.

But, said Eve Bucca, "We are still very proud of the camp and of the men and women who serve there."

NY Daily News

And yes, there are pictures, you sickos.


Previous Comments

You don't know me but I love you.

Anthony - a secret admirer? - probably one of the mud wrestlers who watched yr blog day in and day out for more sexy and racy commentary.
Even you have now stooped low for increased traffic on your site. Methinks you are being corrupted by the American Way.
On a serious note, what's wrong with a little mud wrestling? At least they weren't making the prisoners do the wrestling . . . It's gotta be a little boring now that prisoner humiliation is taboo.
Maybe next year's Super Bowl could be spiced up a bit with some National Guard Mud-Wrestling Matches.