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February 28, 2005

Very interesting article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about millionaire John Gilmore of San Francisco. Gilmore is making a principled stand against showing ID when boarding an aircraft, and it may go all the way to the Supreme Court.

His argument, basically, is that knowing someone's name or seeing a government issued ID card has a negligible safety benefit, if any, and the law basically requires a domestic passport, "Your papers, please." Further, the law that requires that we display IDs is classified as "Sensitive Security Information" and not available for public viewing. You must follow the law, but you can't read the law. Since 9/11, more and more information is being classified this way.

I would tend to agree with Gilmore. We have plenty of security at airports in the form of x-rays, metal detectors, and physical searches. Obtaining a fake ID is a simple task for any 14 year old, so what kind of security is it, really?

Anyway, good read.


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