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April 9, 2005
Google Maps Fun

Google Maps new satellite image view is sure fun. Everybody's been posting neat pictures, and since I'm drunk and bored, I'm no exception.

Some favorites I've come across...

St. Louis Arch

My High School


Mt. St. Helens

Where I Am Now

Niagara Falls

Some Airplanes in the Desert

Salt Evaporation Pools


Previous Comments

Holy crap!!! That's coooooooool!!!

Nice finds. I like the airplanes and the evaporation pools. Your place is really yellow. You should do something about that.

check these out:

airplane in flight(you can track it as, it flies along the same direction the satellite was tracking. theres another plane in flight just east too):

national air and space museum steven f. udvar-hazy center under construction:

devil's tower(no ufos in flight though):

rainbow natural bridge:

google rools