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April 14, 2005
Too Little, Too Late, Bitch

But mostly just too little. How this qualifies as an apology is beyond me.

WASHINGTON -- House majority leader Tom DeLay apologized yesterday for saying federal judges are ''responsible" for the death of Terri Schiavo. But he added that he has asked the House Judiciary Committee to investigate the judges who declined to order that a life-sustaining feeding tube be reinserted for the brain-damaged Florida woman, as part of a broader review of ''judicial activism" that he suggested should extend to the Supreme Court.

At a news conference yesterday, DeLay said Congress retains oversight of the federal courts and should use it to hold judges accountable. He said the Schiavo case, in which federal courts refused to intervene despite extraordinary efforts by Congress and President Bush, warrants particular scrutiny.

''I have asked the Judiciary Committee to look at the Schiavo case and the actions of the judiciary," said DeLay, a Texas Republican. ''The legislative branch has certain responsibilities and obligations given to us by the Constitution. We set the jurisdiction of the courts. We set up the courts. We can unset the courts. We have the power of the purse. We have oversight of how we spend their money. All of these are oversight tools."

Boston Globe

Nice. So, he's sorry, but he still will use the federal budget to manipulate the court system. Take a civics class, asshole.

DeLay evaded numerous questions, referring reporters instead to the scholarly tome, "Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America."

Lovely. Sounds like a very even-handed critique.

Once again, I'm speechless. Give it up, douche-bag, you're done. Piss right the fuck off.


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Being optimistic is not what I do normally, but you know, if these assholes keep pulling shit like this, hey, may be the Dems can really kick some serious ass in 06 and 08...

But then again, may be America is really THAT stupid... Last I check, Bush is still there, god (if there is one) damn it!

I just hope one day when I wake up, the world in "The West Wing" will actually be reality, and what's in the white house now is nothing but a bad fucking TV show... Any chance that's going to happen?