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April 20, 2005
Bearing the Burden

President Bush signed the new bankruptcy law today, making it much harder for people crippled by medical costs to get a fresh start.

He made some hilarious statements during the signing ceremony. I mean, the guy was on fire.

If someone does not pay his or her debts, the rest of society ends up paying them.

White House

Ha ha ha! Man! That's priceless!

For the record, not that it's relevant or anything, but the national debt has risen by $2.2 trillion since Bush took office. And he's cutting taxes.

Bush wasn't done, though. The laughs kept coming...

The act of Congress I sign today will protect those who legitimately need help, stop those who try to commit fraud, and bring greater stability and fairness to our financial system.


Oh, mercy... Stop it, Mr. President! You're killing me!

Strangely, the President failed to take advantage of the sure-fire laugh lines about how the credit card companies had been campaigning for this bill for years and how the Republicans in Congress (and many Democrats) steadfastly refused to close the massive loopholes in bankruptcy laws used by the rich.

That would have had them rolling in the aisles.


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