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July 12, 2005
Press Conference Video Fun

Video of the White House press conference yesterday. Very entertaining. McClellan is twisting in the wind.


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Funny. That link triggers a error message now. So either they've pulled the video, or the White House servers are overloaded (awfully convenient, considering that such an event that was considered a threat to national security when the Code Red virus was poised to do it). Incidentally, the feeding frenzy continued at today's press briefing...



McClellan's like an empty Lazy Susan; just keeps spinning with nothing to offer. Thank goodness this thing is going to court. Spin there is not facts. Facts are facts, and there will be no more Michael Jackson Tom Cruising around to distract. The trial will be these people being held accountable. Finally, some law to hold these degenerates responsible.

Maybe after this, they can get back to cracking down on Tom Delay.