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July 19, 2005
30 Days

I'd like to take a moment to recommend Morgan "Super Size Me" Spurlock's new series on FX, 30 Days.

30 days

The premise of the show is to put people into different life situations for 30 days and see what happens. Episodes so far have placed a West Virginia Christian in a Muslim family, a Michigan homophobe in the Castro, and the filmmaker and his fiancée in minimum wage jobs. The results are often fascinating and start great conversations. It's amazing to watch people's prejudices broken down before your eyes. Sure, it's television, but it's effective.

The main fault with the show is that the episodes are only one hour, which isn't even close to long enough to deal properly with some of the more serious issues that come up. Each could easily be a full-length documentary.

Anyway, recommended.


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How long is a full length docmentary?

Full-length documentaries are precisely 97 minutes long, without exception.

Spurlock's good stuff. Liberal television at its best! Not since Michael Moore's TV nation have I enjoyed this kind of television. Love it. Peel back all the skin off every taboo, and speak openly about it. If there are holes in the system (ANY SYSTEM) lets speak openly of it. Is it really Communism that's problematic or is it authoritarian rule reviled more solely because its tenets are anti-capitalistic, anti-individualistic? Hell, even Capitalism. Greed isn't a good blanket motivator, which is why it requires socialist counter-weights within to make for a more humane styled structure. After all, slavery's not good Capitalism, which is why it had to be abolished by government intervention. The majority of wealth's also taken up by an extreme few, leaving a counter-extreme poor set on society which must be spoken for by social government empowerment programs.

Without all the blind partisan whackery, it'd be nice to have more Spurlock styled television.

On a side note, I'd like to hear more people supporting liberalism. Realistically if you really think about it, every great idea is liberal to those unfamiliar with it. To truly be conservative, in its most ridiculous form, you have to be stubborn enough to never think out of your shell, period! Given its relativism, conservativism is just one absurd ruleset adopted for the sake of not expanding one's capacity to think abstractly realistic.