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August 5, 2005

blue angels

It's that time of year again! Every August, Seattle is treated to 4 days of being under attack by jet fighters in the form of the Blue Angels performing at Sea Fair. Aptly described by a friend as "sky NASCAR", these giant wastes of taxpayers dollars whiz around the city at like 300 feet all weekend, scaring the bejeeezus out of everybody.

It's. Really. Really. LOUD.

Maybe it's just me, but I really don't enjoy fighter jets screaming around the city. It makes me uneasy. Call me crazy.

For more fun, see the Blue Angels' Frequently Asked Questions. You get the feeling that some of these questions aren't frequently asked, but that they made the question just up to have a place to put the answer.

How much fuel is used over the course of a year, including transportation, training, etc.?

Over a one-year period, the squadron, including Fat Albert, uses approximately 3.1 million gallons of fuel


What is the distance under Fat Albert's propellers to the ground?

The distance under Fat Albert’s propellers to the ground is approximately six feet.

Damn! 6 feet?! I was just going to frequently ask that!

I love the military-speak-ness of these questions and answers. It's all so.... military.

How do team members deal with the time away from home?

Individuals are made aware that they will be away from home a lot before they volunteer for duty with the team and are selected based on their ability to cope with, not only family separation, but with a strenuous practice and show schedule. Additionally, the Navy, Blue Angels, and civilian communities at Pensacola and El Centro provide a family-type support network.

Ah yes. A family-type support network. That's the best kind.


Previous Comments

I guess if you tend to look negativly at anything military than your view would be skewed and decidedly anti-"fighter jet" But looking at their website there was so much more to enjoy. What we the things you enjoyed? Shit the "red Baron Pizza" planes were there. That might be something to see, right after you run in one of the sporting events.
Just a question... If you walked toward the propeller of Fat Albert would your head be cut off or would you be a safe as my 69" height? Some people like to know that stuff even if they never would be in that position.

1. I don't look negatively at anything military. I do look negatively at the glorification and fetishization of our weapons of war. I regard the military as a necessary evil, but that doesn't mean I want them buzzing my office for absolutely no good reason.
2. Yeah, you're right.. That question about the height of the C-130's propeller was very useful for someone walking towards one. Because, you know, if you're 72" tall, it would be good to know that you could just waltz right on under a whirling prop and be just perfectly fine. What was I thinking.

They don't fly around for no good reason. They fly becuase the wing creates lift silly.

They're on there way here too (San Diego) and it does creep me out. Loud, LOUD?!? They set off car arlarms all over the place. I live within 6 miles of Mira Mar (the Top Gun school) and when the blue angles screech by my windows rattle.