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August 11, 2005
Cabbie Nabs Baddies, CBS Pens Crap Article in Response

This is a pointless, completely uninteresting story.

But wow, it sure is poorly written!

Officials say the Hyattes were still on the lam when Wagers drove them to Columbus, Ohio.

But he says little they said or did made him think anything was amiss.

"The cover story they gave me didn't really seem to wash too much," Wagers told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith Thursday. "I mean, I could kinda see through that. But I had no indication that these guys were really dangerous or they were on the run."


Didn't he notice that the woman was injured? "I didn't notice anything 'til we had gotten there. When I was dropping them off at the hotel room, she was favoring one side. I don't know actually where she was injured at. But she said … she'd gotten banged up in a car wreck she was in. It didn't raise any further suspicion."

Who's asking questions here? The article?

Strangely, there's no byline. But there is a photo of the exterior of the hotel where they were caught.



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