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September 2, 2005
Looting vs. Finding

As the person who originally posted this juxtaposition on Flickr notes, it's going to far to attribute racism to any one person or group of people based on this, but it's certainly interesting in how a simple word choice can frame the response to situations like this. And worth considering how different groups are likely to be portrayed as they struggle to survive.

looting vs. finding

My take is that it is telling, but nothing we don't already know. The same actions taken by groups with or without power are routinely judged differently. But basically, if you're taking food to feed your family, you're not a looter, you're a survivor. If you're taking a stereo and/or you're heavily armed and shooting at rescue workers, you're a looter, and worse.

There's a raging debate going on on Flickr concerning this photo.


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