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September 9, 2005
FEMA's Brown More Incompetent Than Previously Thought

We all know that FEMA director Michael Brown's previous job, from which he was dismissed, was as an official on the association of arabian horse fucking, or something like that.

But we've been told that he had some emergency management experience. His biography on FEMA's website, for example, says, "His background in state and local government also includes serving as an assistant city manager with emergency services oversight..."

Well, turns out that's a load of arabian horseshit.

However, a city spokeswoman told the magazine Brown had actually worked as "an assistant to the city manager."

"The assistant is more like an intern," Claudia Deakins told the magazine. "Department heads did not report to him." Time posted the article on its Web site late on Thursday.


So he was not an "assistant city manager," he was am "assistant to the city manager." It might seem like a subtle difference, and it is, but an important one. An assistant city manager is a manager. An assistant to the city manager is an assistant.

And he's not alone in being a completely unqualified douche..

The Washington Post reported on Friday that five of eight top FEMA officials had come to their jobs with virtually no experience in handling disasters. The agency's top three leaders, including Brown, had ties to Bush's 2000 presidential campaign or the White House advance operation.


Now we just sit back and wait for him to get the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Previous Comments

Brown is a huge asset to the administration at this point because he provides a convenient whipping boy for the public and the press. When he outlives his usefulness the administration can turn around and try and score a few bonus points by denouncing him as a "bureaucrat."

His city internship was probably an act of patronage in the the first place, just like his job with FEMA, but he's obviously small potatoes which is proably why the city spokesman slipped that little knife in his back.

Good point. The only problem they'll have if they do turn on him is the continuous playing of that clip of Bush saying, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."

And assuming they'll toss him to the sharks attributes to the administration a certain logic that they've never displayed. This isn't the first time everyone has thought some heads should roll and instead chests got pinned.

This one hits closer to home, though, and it's looking so far as if this could really hurt.

Gareth: "I'm the assistant regional manager."
Brent: "Assistant to the regional manager."