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September 12, 2005
Government Drops Cenorship Effort

Is it just me, or is the mere existence of this story profoundly disturbing?

Rather than fight a lawsuit by CNN, the federal government abandoned its effort Saturday to prevent the media from reporting on the recovery of the dead in New Orleans.

Joint Task Force Katrina "has no plans to bar, impede or prevent news media from their news gathering and reporting activities in connection with the deceased Hurricane Katrina victim recovery efforts," said Col. Christian E. deGraff, representing the task force.

U.S. District Court Judge Keith Ellison issued a temporary restraining order Friday against a "zero access" policy announced earlier in the day by Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, who is overseeing the federal relief effort in the city, and Terry Ebbert, the city's homeland security director.

In explaining the ban, Ebbert said, "we don't think that's proper" to let members of the media view the bodies.


Weird, I don't remember the "unless it seems improper" clause in the first amendment.

Anyway, it's good that this didn't work, but scary that it was even considered.


Previous Comments

Yeah!! I can now see more dead people!! I am so happy. Freedom has triumphed again. Why is this important to so many idiots?

Man, that's a seriously idiotic question.

The point, of course, is not the freedom to show dead people, but the freedom to show anything and to not have the government decide what is proper or decent. Aren't you supposed to be a conservative? You really want the Defense Department to decide what is allowed on the news? That's nuts.

Yeah and if they don't allow us to show dead people than someone may take away all of our rights, correct?

People need to see everything to get a feel for the harsh reality of being ill-prepared for such disasters. It's good the government didn't censor this. In fact, it'd be great if the government just butted out altogether on many things, this government run now under this administration, anyway. I'm starting to understand what people mean when they say they don't like government. What they really mean is they don't like government under the rep that doesn't represent them. Though I'm not sure I agree with Hillary's nutty censoring over sex-related media, either.

Yes, spurrier, you've understood me perfectly.