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October 3, 2005
Harvey Danger

For some reason I seem to have not mentioned this on this blog yet, but I recently created a new web site for the Seattle-based indie band Harvey Danger, in support of their new album Little by Little, which they are offering on their website as a free download, via Bittorrent even (and by direct download too).

Read about their reasons for doing this here.

The whole thing is starting to get a lot of attention, at least from the geeks out there. Hopefully from the music folks, too.

This morning it was Slashdotted and last week on Boing Boing!



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Nice job on the HD site!

Nice job on the site. And wow, that is a fast bittorrent download!

And Metafiltered...


Nice job on the site!

Tried posting this earlier but the comment didn't take. Maybe not as server-crippling as the Slashdot effect, but the Harvey Danger site (and the album news) also got Metafiltered too:


Nothing was server crippling, though there were some stretches when our 100Mbit connection was a bottleneck. I think Fark sent the most traffic in the shortest amount of time.