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October 3, 2005
More Fun for DeLay

New charge: money laundering.

This charge comes after DeLay's lawyers tried to argue that the conspiracy laws in Texas don't apply to the election code. Ceding that this may be the case, the grand jury found another charge.

Naturally, DeLay is playing this as if he's being persecuted, but it sounds pretty reasonable to me. He tried to weasel out of trouble on a technicality, so they found another charge. he claims that he's innocent, yet his lawyers are doing everything they can to make sure the case never has to go to trial.

The fact that the Republicans are going around crying about being persecuted by some imaginary Democratic cabal is laughable. And poor Christians are so discriminated against, too. How stupid do we have to be to let the idea that the ruling majority is persecuted by a powerless minority gain any credence?

DeLay keeps calling the indictments against him "retribution." He's right. Retribution for breaking the law.


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