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October 10, 2005

No confirmation that this is true, but AMERICAblog is reporting that Newsmax is reporting that Bono is going to share a stage with Rick Santorum in support of the turd-monkey's reelection campaign.

What the crap?

I'm no great Bono fan, but at least he seemed to stand for justice. Santorum? Not so much.


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Sonny Bono (R), perhaps... Wait, he dead...

U2's been the most successful christian rock band of all time. Not too suprising the fundamentalist nutjobs would want to attach themselves to these guys.

Yeah, certainly not surprising that Santorum would want to associate with Bono and get the support of his fans, but it surprises me that Bono would associate with Ricky, considering the circles he runs in are pretty gay-friendly, as are lots of his fans, I would imagine. And it just seems weird for someone who spends so much time talking about justice and equality.

You are all incorrect. You jumped to conclusion with out finding all the facts. Both Santorum and Hillary Clinton are going to sell their box seat tickets in order to gain money for their PAC's. I beleive it will be 1500 to sit with Clinton and only a 1000 for Rick. Now what Bono said was that he does not endorse any particlar candidate, he is there to play for music fans.

Why you gotta be so hostile, dude?

I reported what I knew, when I knew it, and carefully qualified that this was only from one source. You could politely point out that new information has come to light, edifying us all, without being such a dick about it.

>>You are all incorrect.

Good to know - I've been wondering for some time now what my problem is.

>>...he is there to play for music fans.

Whether they'll be any music fans in the audience is a matter for debate, but he's definitely there to catch a big paycheck.

I thought I was being polite. I don't think I have ever called you a dick, or an asshole, or a bitch, cunt, assmunch, or any other hostile word.

Wow, that felt really good. Is that what name calling does for all you angry liberals? I think I might be addicted. You fuck heads.

I don't care who you are...that was funny.

Ah, angry liberals. I've missed that. We're so angry, it's true. We can't think straight. Ooooh, man, I'm so mad. I just hate hate hate those darned Republicans! What an unoriginal, empty, party-line load of crap.

It was still funny.