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October 15, 2005
The Photo-Op

Sigh. This is not surprising, but that makes it no less depressing. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you support these people, you're a fool.

The "president" had an "unscripted chat" with US soldiers in Iraq yesterday.

Except it was completely scripted.

And there's incontrovertible proof.

Lots of it.


Think Progress.

Think Progress again.

National Journal.

Talking Points Memo.

Can we impeach this jackass already? Jesus.


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No you can't. You are not part of the senate nor has he done anything illegal.

Ha ha... "nor has he done anything illegal.." that's priceless.

And I said "we", not "I".

Certainly he hasn't done anything as dramatic or damaging to the country or the world as getting a blowjob from an intern. Only started a war under false pretenses, routinely lied about everything under the sun, set science and education back 50 years, and regularly stages his "spontaneous" meetings with citizens. No big deal. He's a real swell guy.

How conveinent. You say "we" should indict him but you don't say "we" started a war.
I don't think that getting a blowjob from an intern was why William Clinton was impeached. But I don know that it was for lying to the American people and the congress and his wife and someone else... but that is shall we say recorded history.

Uh, yeah. Because I would count myself among the group that would call for his impeachment, but I do not count myself among the group that advocated or supported this war. Hence, "we" vs. "he" or "they". I know it's complicated.

Yeah, he was impeached for lying. And Al Capone was taken down for tax evasion. Technically true, but It kind of misses the point.

You get the crooks and criminals anyway that you can. Very good point with the Al Capone thing. I thought that you may try and reach out to left field (or right field for that matter) to try and find something, but very good analogy.

It also sucks that we rely on intel from proffesionals quite a bit and when it is right we don't seem to thank them but when it is wrong "we" go for the jugular. Even when it is not only our proffesionals, but those of other countries who agreed with us.

Thought this might shed some light on the "staged event" topic.

From the Earlybird at ebird.afis.mil

October 14, 2005

Soldier Responds To 'Staged Event' Smears

The Associated Press comes right out and says it: Bush Teleconference With Soldiers Staged. Sgt. Ron Long was one of the soldiers in the “staged” conference, and he’s blogging about the mainstream media’s ridiculously negative spin: Speaking with President Bush. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

Yesterday, I was chosen to be among a small group of soldiers assigned to the 42ID’s Task Force Liberty that would speak to President Bush, our Commander-in-Chief. The interview went well, but I would like to respond to what most of the mass-media has dubbed as, “A Staged Event.”

First of all, we were told that we would be speaking with the President of the United States, our Commander-in-Chief, President Bush, so I believe that it would have been totally irresponsible for us NOT to prepare some ideas, facts or comments that we wanted to share with the President.

We were given an idea as to what topics he may discuss with us, but it’s the President of the United States; He will choose which way his conversation with us may go.

We practiced passing the microphone around to one another, so we wouldn’t choke someone on live TV. We had an idea as to who we thought should answer what types of questions, unless President Bush called on one of us specifically.

President Bush told us, during his closing, that the American people were behind us. I know that we are fighting here, not only to preserve our own freedoms, but to establish those same freedoms for the people of Iraq. It makes my stomach ache to think that we are helping to preserve free speech in the US, while the media uses that freedom to try to RIP DOWN the President and our morale, as US Soldiers. They seem to be enjoying the fact that they are tearing the country apart. Worthless!

The question I was most asked while I was home on leave in June was, “So...What’s REALLY going on over there?” Does that not tell you something?! Who has confidence in the media to tell the WHOLE STORY? It’s like they WANT this to turn into another Vietnam. I hate to break it to them, but it’s not.

Tomorrow morning, the Iraqi people will vote on their constitution. The success of our mission or the mission of the Iraqi security forces is not defined by the outcome of that vote. If the people of Iraq vote this constitution down, that only means that the FREE, DEMOCRATIC PROCESS is at work in Iraq. They are learning to voice their opinions in the polling stations, not through violence. If it is voted down, they will have the chance to draft an even better version; One that may better serve the people of Iraq. This is up to them. It is history in the making and I will not let the media or anyone else (who has not spent more than two weeks here) tell me otherwise. I have been here for almost a year. I have seen the progress made in so many ways from January’s elections to this referendum. Don’t tell me what the Iraqi people can or can’t do. They will tell you with their VOTES!

The problem cannot be passed on to the intelligence community alone. There was plenty of evidence that Iraq was no threat, that evidence was just ignored and/or downplayed. People in government who dared raise a voice against the idea of invading Iraq were also ignored, or worse (see Wilson, Joseph).

Further, and more importantly, when it became absolutely clear that we had been wrong, the gross and deadly failure was just spun into a success. No blame was accepted. The buck was passed and passed and passed into nothing. Our leaders retroactively changed their rationale for war in response to emerging facts. (Again, fact that were known but ignored before the war.)

The crime is not that we didn't get everything perfectly right. This is spin and it's a tactic used by the right to paint the opposition's arguments as ridiculous. The problem is that they lied, they continue to lie, and they determined the course of action to take well before the evidence to support that action was established.

As for the soldiers account of the chat with the president, anyone can see that what was done here went beyond simply "prepping" people for a high-profile interview. Specific questions and specific answers were given before hand. The White House billed this as "spontaneous" and unscripted, so it is perfectly acceptable to apply more scrutiny to this event. And no one can deny that this administration has carefully scripted nearly everything. They are masters of illusion. This is well known.

The rest of the soldier's account is interesting, but remains simply his opinion. There are many soldiers in Iraq who would disagree with his assessment. I would certainly take major issue with his contention that what we're doing in Iraq has anything at all to do with "to preserve[ing] our own freedoms" or "helping to preserve free speech in the US".

And he commits what in my mind is a cardinal sin - that of equating dissent with disloyalty or lack of patriotism. See Goerring, Hermann for more on this line of reasoning. It's terrifying, un-American bullshit. Talk about worthless.

spurrier: please take the president's penis out of your mouth.

Aw the last person did not want us to know his name for even a short reply.

Umm, assuming that the event was as staged as the video record seems to indicate, why would anyone be the least bit surprised that Sgt. Long is continuing his performance? These troops were chosen for their unswerving devotion to the president and their ability to act as mouthpieces for the administration...

spurrier: what part of "spurrier" is your real name, huh? Thus, what's the god damn difference?

" " Spurrier is my last name assmunch. And stop complaining about the presidents penis being in my mouth. If that is the case than it can't be in your ass can it?

That's enough of this crap. If you guys want to talk this kind of shit, go do it somewhere else.

He started it.