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October 25, 2005
O'Reilly: MoveOn = Nazis

I ask you, how much more of an asshole could Bill O'Reilly possibly be?

I posit not much.


He recently equated
giving money to MoveOn.org with giving money to Nazis.


The context is that the judge in the DeLay case has given money to MoveOn.org. Naturally there's no mention of what other organizations this judge may have given money to, and I don't know either, but it's really beside the point. Are we going to start vetting every judge in the country for their political leanings and force them to recuse themselves when trying cases involving politics? What if the judge gave money to the ACLU?

How do you think O'Reilly would react if it were discovered that the judge had given money to the Bush campaign? Do you think he would demand a new judge? Somehow I doubt it.

I really don't like him.


Previous Comments

I think we should be concerned for Delay that people involved in his case have given money to liberal/Democratic causes. And for that important reason alone, he should fire his own attorney.

The old fart's still blabbering like an angry old man for being spotted on his bullshit, eh? Didn't he say recently he was about to retire. What happened to that deal? Or was that just another ratings stunt? Loufa Reilly, old angry man; angry because he's a bullshitter who doesn't like MoveOn.org exposing his bullshit.

More reason to visit MoveOn then. They've hit a pressure point on Old Writhey's chest, and now wimpers like a bitch.