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October 25, 2005
Tomorrow? Thursday?

Everyone's all a twitter over the coming indictments. It should be an historic and interesting couple of days. The word on the street is that indictments will be handed down tomorrow to between 1 and 5 people—with most guessing closer to 5. The indictments will be sealed until a press conference on Thursday, though, so unless the indicted want to chat about it, we may not know until then.

Tomorrow night Liz and I will be at Town Hall in Seattle to hear Joseph Wilson speak, a wonderfully timed event that should be fascinating.

If you live in Seattle, I'll see you at The Stranger's still-not-quite-scheduled-but-probably-Thursday Indictment Night Party at the Mirabeau Room. Details.

I've been looking forward to seeing these poeople go down for a long, long time. Here's hoping they nail the bastards.

(Then again, other rumors suggest more delays, extensions, etc.)


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