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November 10, 2005
Wal-Mart Facts

With so much controversy swarming around Wal-Mart these days, someone was nice enough to put up a website with all the facts, called, appropriately, Wal-Mart Facts.com.

Oh, hey! It's Wal-Mart that put up that site! I'm sure they've got all the facts, totally objectively presented!



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more 'facts' and stories are available at walmartsucks.com and walmartsucks.org
it just makes you sick. and it's even more disgusting to hear their bullshitstory greenwashing underwriting message on NPR.

if you don't like wal-mart shop at dollar general;haha

you complain about walmart but k mart target, and all the other stores are the same way or at least they are trying to be they copy every thing walmart does to try to cash in, if you dont like walmart'dont shop there they wont miss your small change anyway

Hi John! Thanks for posting that comment 4 times.

Couple things:
1. I don't shop at Wal-Mart.
2. I hardly ever shop at Target or K-Mart either.
3. You're right, those retailers are trying to emulate Wal-Mart's practices, because they have to. Wal-Mart is forcing every other retailer on earth--not to mention manufacturers, distributors, etc.,--to adapt to their cutthroat tactics or go out of business. Wal-Mart is not the only business doing these things, but they're the worst, they're the biggest, and they've created a system whereby it's very hard to stay in business if you want to, say, treat your employees like human beings.

But hey, if saving 20 cents on a roll of duct tape is that important to you, go nuts. Me, I'd rather give that 20 cents to a local business or a company that treats people well, but that's just me. You're certainly free to be a self-centered, short-sighted jerk if you want to be.

I read that walmart was suporting gay marrige I hope this is not true I like walmart I shop there all the time. the bible sayes the gay life stile is wrong thats not the way god made us live.the bible is true and I belive every word in it. ps. if walmart is doing this thing walmart will fall and be no more, god will bring it down.