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November 24, 2005
Companies Scared of Evolution

From alert commenter sleevecoat comes this disturbing link.

An exhibition celebrating the life of Charles Darwin has failed to find a corporate sponsor because American companies are anxious not to take sides in the heated debate between scientists and fundamentalist Christians over the theory of evolution.

The entire $3 million (£1.7 million) cost of Darwin, which opened at the American Museum of Natural History in New York yesterday, is instead being borne by wealthy individuals and private charitable donations.

The failure of American companies to back what until recently would have been considered a mainstream educational exhibition reflects the growing influence of fundamentalist Christians, who are among President George W Bush's most vocal supporters, over all walks of life in the United States.

This is just sad.

If you live in New York, please go to this exhibit. Go every day. Let's show these ignorant fundamentalists that there are still some people left in this country with a bit of sense.


Previous Comments

Not even medical research companies wanted to fund this? What a bunch of cowards; yet they eagerly reap the benefits of studying evolutionary gene therapy don't they? This is the danger of political propaganda; it keeps the truth from being exposed only because it's uncomfortable. Well, sometimes, like it or not, there needs to be a necessary exposure of things not liked so people take responsibility. I would say this kind of responsibility falls back on the government, but as the current administration likes it, Christian propagandist hypocrite theocracy's a good thing. If only there were a more superior race of creatures pushing people to learn truths, but there isn't. Whatever religious people think there is, is in their minds, and they call it God, and the story does not need "silly" science. All it needs is insane circular logic from a book taken as full truth from an omnipotent myth, only because it's written as such in the book- minus the myth stuff of course.

Hey, maybe to get people to fund evolutionary studies, "Origin of the Species" should be passed around as a book written by God to replace stories in the bible, which are really just more lies passed around by Satan, supposedly written in the name of God. Then evolution would be getting all kinds of support. "Origin of the Species" was really God speaking through Darwin as he wrote it. The bible was really Satan speaking through the ignorance of desert folk.

There you go. "Divine" authority endorses the true truth. Someone call Kansas, and tell them to stop with their voodoo curriculum.