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January 19, 2006
Alive and... Well


So, yeah. 12 days. One of my longer breaks in, what, 5 years or something.

My apologies for the quiet around here, and my thanks for the requests to get on the stick. It's nice to know someone cares.

Nothing big or interesting to blame for my absence, just routine being busy as hell.

If you know a crackerjack Macintosh Systems Administrator AND/OR a good Mac help desk person in the Seattle area, won't you please let me know?

Oh, and how about that Bush administration, huh? What a bunch of a-holes.


Previous Comments

Welcome back - to be honest I hadn't checked in,but I got curious as to what you would have to say about the latest from GWB and his cronies.

I was searching for ideas to make a table-top fountain when I found your site. Veeeeeeeeeeeery interesting! You might benefit from a google search of "how to make a fountain" and when it pops up, click on the "images" link at the top. There are some interesting specimens of fountain out there...maybe one will help inspire you to "get on the stick" as you so eloquently put it! ;)

What's up with the Macs? That's all I've got going now since I quit the bank job after Christmas.

Blame Bush!