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January 27, 2006
Washington Passes Gay Civil Rights Bill

A bill outlawing discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity, first introduced in 1977 and defeated every year since then, has just passed the Washington state Senate, 25-23. Yay!

The House will now approve the Senate's minor changes, and then the governor will be signing it into law very shortly.

Thanks to all the Senators who voted for this bill, especially Senator Bill Finkbeiner (R - Redmond), who broke ranks with his party and their policy of continuing discrimination and voted for the bill.

The Stranger's Eli Sanders has been live-slogging all the goings-on.


Previous Comments

We are evolving at a blistering pace.

No doubt.. only took 30 years.

Well, 30 years and the encouragment from a gay cowboy movie.

Still, like many now feminist issues this will only be sustained if it's made part of the common social parlance. Otherwise, you can count on popular conservative Christian group radio/lobbying to regress the mentality of general folks. Having enough people like Scalito in the courts, condoning regressive religious policy, and further removing church/state separation in due time, we go back to the intolerant sensationalist fun days at Salem.

I now understand what past conservative groups didn't like about government. What they meant was they didn't like a government pushing policies counter-theocratic. But hey, like the egoist god concept, when you claim it on your side, you can justify anything - bigotry, torture, fascism.

Seattle got piped with louisville slugger style in the bowl - that offensive pass interference call against Jackson and the bullshit holding call that wiped out the first and goal took 14 points away from the seahawks - what a crock a shit. I'm a Raiders fan and used to gettin jobbed but this was pathetic.