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February 21, 2006
The Wheels of Justice

Noted for your amusement: State troopers in the Baltimore airport ride Segways.

segway cops

I'm not saying this begins to make up for no posts in nearly 3 weeks, I'm just saying it's funny.


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They do in Houston too, but that airport is huge!

Huge airport or not, they look like idiots. This one was just swaying there as the other officers talked to some guy. It really doesn't inspire any respect for their authority. It's like those little scooters the meter maids drive around in.

And, as role models, they should be walking and getting exercise, not taking the easy way out. Now every kid in America is going to want to be gyroscopically glided along when they could just as easily walk. And there goes our civilization! Poof!

someone help me I am sliding down the slippery slope of everything that might go wrong in America!

Nice job catching my blatantly purposeful exaggeration, Mike.

I heard the security people at the Tacoma mall side Segways now. AND wear helmets.

that was supposed to say RIDE Segways now