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February 28, 2006
Happy Mardi Gras

Bush denies Iraq is headed for Civil War, as Iraq heads for Civil War.

At least 60 people were killed in sectarian violence in Baghdad today.

Asked what Washington would do if civil war broke out, Bush said in the ABC interview: "I don't buy your premise that there's going to be a civil war."

Now, in a normal world, the reporter would have said, "Sir, that was not my premise. It was a hypothetical question, as indicated by the word 'if'."

Bush would then have been pelted mercilessly with rotten meat for, oh, let's say 6 years. Then he'd be impeached with extreme prejudice and forced to be a Wal-Mart associate for the rest of his life (where he'd be subject to daily rotten meat peltings by the citizenry).

I know, I know, I'm letting him off easy. I'm not a monster.

Meanwhile, at CNN, the word 'Iraq' appears on their homepage only once, in a link to a video clip titled "Mardi Gras in Iraq."



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Anthony don't forget to post his latest exposed lie about him claiming he didn't know anything about the Katrina disaster ahead of time.

Bush: "I did not, know, about, the Katrina levee disaster."

He is stupid, but hey, he's the President, and stupid.