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March 21, 2006
This is Not a Clash of Civilizations

Via Slog..

Watch this video. It's one of the most meaningful and accurate tirades against the current state of affairs I've seen. Amazing.

al jazeera


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Wow. Knowledge is power! She is neutral and speaks so evenly yet so powerfully. I like her!! by the way...Liz was awesome yesterday!!

That woman is on fire - thanks for posting this, I am thoroughly glad I've seen it.

She is on fire, but it is so clearly one sided, and cut/pasted to be so. Im not sure that there were decent responses made to her argument, but there are decent responses that ought be made. For instance: The failure to resort to suicide bombs on the part of the Jewish people may have more to do with the availability of F-16s from which to launch their attacks. The US doesn't seem interested in selling to the Palestinians. Jewish scientists have brought many discoveries that I would agree have helped humanity to progress, there are others that clearly aren't so firmly planted on the moral high ground that she seems to claim. This is the crux of the argument. Primative, or advanced does not assure rightness, it only impacts the ease of one side to wage the battle, and the likelihood of victory. Sure it sucks that women have to wear burkas in some countries. That is no more reprehensible than the morally bankrupt concept that we like to call pre-emptive war. A concept the Israelis also utilized in the 6 Day War. Of course we didn't like it so much when it was the Japanese "pre-emptive" attack on Pearl Harbor.

I am confused. You seem sensible enough, so I don't get what it is that you find informative or insightful about Wafa Sultan's commentary. Please elaborate.