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March 29, 2006
ITMFA Indeed

Today (or yesterday) marks the official re-re-launch of the ITMFA website. Dan was nice enough to link to the Slapnose ITMFA store from the official site and from the Slog, so my traffic nearly quadrupled today and the shirts are going like hotshirts!


Oh, and in other news, Andy Card resigns, paving the way for the promotion of Josh Bolten, who has managed the budget for the White House for a few years. Bang up job he's done, too. It's all part of the administration's plan to get tough and show some accountability by letting people no one's ever heard of resign, promoting other incompetents to take their places, and leaving all the real brokers of evil, evil power right where they've been all along. And the press laps it up and the masses are satisfied.


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