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March 31, 2006
Sharon Stone is an Idiot

Unfortunately, Jon Stewart's interview with Sharon Stone from a couple nights ago isn't online. Probably because her publicist realized that she came off like a vapid, unfunny hooker, and had better sense than to let them post it.

She thought she was standing up to Stewart, but he was toying with her on 800 levels she had no idea about. And that's not to mention how unbelievably stupid her new movie—Basic Instinct 2, yes, seriously—is sure to be.

Carry on.


Previous Comments

stewart is the idiot;he had his agenda in mind;bet he doesn't have an IQ of 154. Sharon Stone does;she's shy, give the lady (and she IS a lady, you fool) a break;quit picking on a beautiful intelligent & very talented woman;stewart hasn"t done anything on the level of caring about humanity & trying her best to help as she has;he never will unless he wakes up to a spiritual truth...houe he finds one;he owes Ms. Stone a HUGE apology

She's shy.. that's a good one.

I don't care what her IQ is, she acted like an idiot, thinking she was weilding her sexuality when she was just making a fool of herself. It's just sad. You own me a HUGE apology.

i'm new to this where do i find my url?
look aroun eneryone;are we beter off now than 8 yrs. ago;I think the us has lost mosf its brainpower which wasn't too much to start with;people don't like to have to thnk, so they don't. They let politicians, media, etc. tell them what to think and do;if people thought, we wouldn't be in this, the most horrible mess since I don't know when;lay off sharon;she tries to help people;most of you don't

time is of the essence;do nothing to stop them;everything is out there;stupid fucking weird people write funny; stop me.

You know...I'm really sorry I missed the Sharon Stone/Jon Stewart interchange, but I'm pretty sure there was a valid reason it's not on CC's website.

Outside of that...

The mental level of some of the commentators here has me just baffled. They can actually type? OOH WEE! Ms. Stone has NOTHING to worry about with the these goofballs taking time out from their incestual activities in the Ozarks to defend her.