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April 6, 2006
Holy Half/Life!

Please excuse the shameless plug, I know we have other exciting news to discuss, but I have to do it...

half life

Half/Life is birthed!

That being the book that dear, dear Laurel Snyder edited and to which she so kindly allowed ME to contribute. So here it is, in my hand, a for-real book with my name in it and junk. It's pretty neat, I gotta say.

Here's a picture of me holding the book..

me and book

Anyway, that's all. Just wanted to share. You can (please?) buy the book from the following online book-places, or go to your local bookmart and be all, "Dude, you don't have any copies of Half/Life?!? What the crap! Please reserve 12 for me and get with the times, man!" or something.

Barnes & Noble (Same day delivery in Manhattan! Don't delay!)
Soft Skull Press (Cut out the middle man.)

Don't buy it just to be nice (seriously, do), buy it because it's great and interesting and has lots of way better essays than mine in it, and because Laurel deserves every bit of success in the world, as she rocks.



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nah - you still suck - butt keep tryin man

At least I can spell.

What half is Jewish? Left side or waist up? Is it in the book, now I guess I will have to read the book. Congrats... WE WILL BUY OUR COPY TODAY...

Anthony, u fine. Sex?