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July 26, 2006
Washington Joins Ranks of States That Suck

Today Washington state's Supreme Court upheld the state's 1998 "Defense of Marriage Act."

I guess the justices didn't want our state to be behind the curve of bigotry and discrimination vis-a-vis the rest of the country.

Very sad.

Here's the majority decision (pdf).

If you read it, the justices are actually pretty careful not to say anything about whether or not gay marriage should be legal, only that the current law does not violate Washington's constitution. A lower court had ruled that it does. The justices lay the responsibility of bringing equality to the state on the steps of the legislature.

(Actually, if you read the whole thing, which I didn't at first, the justices suck.)

Here's hoping they (the legislature), or SOMEONE, will do the right thing, and soon. I'm getting tired of this shit. Those who resist equality are guaranteed to be judged harshly by history. Just knock it the fuck off already.

Read more at thestranger.com, and follow the local reaction on The Slog.


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