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August 17, 2006
Focus On This, Jerks

UPDATE:: This no longer works.

This is just about the best thing ever.

In brief:
Focus on the Family, James Dobson's rabidly anti-gay, anti-everything good, and highly politically-connected group, will send you just about all the bullshit propaganda you want for FREE!

Everything in their "resources" section (follow instructions in the article) has a "suggested donation" price. As long as you keep each shopping trip under $100, you can enter a donation amount of $0 and get it all for NADA.


So go, waste their money. Do it everyday! They make great conversation pieces and super gifts!

I ordered several copies of "Someone I Love is Gay," "You Don't Have to be Gay" and the sure to be useful "A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality." Oh, and a couple copies of the Chronicles of Narnia DVD to sell on eBay.

Kiss my ass, FotF.


Previous Comments

It is obvious from the website and the fact that you do not like it that you are a racist. You may need to expand your horizons and stop being so narrow minded.

They are giving away the Narnia movie? Why?

How weird. I'll go get a copy for my kids.

At the risk of getting an answer to this question, what the hell are you talking about Mike?

The best part is that they probably trade mailing lists with like-minded organizations, and sell it to a certain type of commercial entity. So, the cost of getting names outside their target demo is going to snowball.

I am amazed that even you can not recognize sarcasm.

They're on to you Anthony. I loaded up today, delighted to see they ship overseas, and then got this message:

"We are unable to process your request online as the amount you've chosen is less than the suggested donation. We may be able to complete your request, but you must first contact us directly at (800) A-FAMILY (232-6459) in order for us to assist you."

All the free Narnia movies on Earth, couldn't get me to call those freaks,

I've been on their mailing list, so I can take the opposite action everytime the give a "call to action", and I've often thought of doing this, but I didn't think they would go for it. I was going to fill in a donation amount of $1, but never wanted to give them a dollar...