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August 29, 2006
Katrina Timeline

One year later, a must read: Think Progress' exhaustive Katrina Timeline.

bush guitar

Many, many of the major actors in this tragedy should be in prison for the way this was handled. Instead, they're still running our country.


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Yes, acts of nature or God, whichever you prefer, should always be punished with jailtime for those who are in political power.
Earth to Anthony you can come back when you are sober and have a 2 year chip.

earth to Mike, don't come back.

Yes Mike, that's exactly what I was saying.


Obviously, you're being ridiculous. It's what we in the "reality-based community" call a straw man argument. You present an outlandish idea as if it had been my argument, and then refute it. Well done!

Democrats want Osama bin Laden to go free!
We actually LIKE terrorism! You're right! We think America is totally stupid and should kiss Saddam Hussein's ass!

So, what I meant, if you care, which you obviously don't, is that they should be in jail for an inexcusably insufficient RESPONSE to a natural disaster. Not for the disaster itself. That would just be stupid. You'd have to be really stupid or just amazingly dishonest to even suggest that SOMEONE ELSE would have that idea. Really, really stupid.