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September 29, 2006
Bye Bye Badunk

And so we come to the end of a long chapter in vehicle ownership.

That's right, the venerated Badunkadunk has been sold. The old girl served us well, but alas was lonely and neglected these past couple of years, yearning for new adventures we could no longer provide.

We've found a cheerful young fellow named Henry to take over Badunk's care, and we're happy that he's getting it. May his adventures be tangy and his breakdowns minimal.

Bye bye, Badunk! Thanks for the memories...



Previous Comments

end of an era... i bet roo wont miss it.

You two are some of the coolest looking liberals I've ever seen, but it would've been better had the Badunk been running on Veggie Oil. Perhaps the next one, then?

What are you going to get to replace it? Can't go wrong with a toyota or honda.

Is the chick for sale.