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October 5, 2006
Comments Change

Due to the rampant assholery of comment spammers and my decreasing ability to keep up with their pathetic asses, I've closed comments on all posts more than 30 days old. So if you have something to say, say it fast. You know, within a month.



Previous Comments

Comment spam is one of the things I don't miss now that I'm using Wordpress. There is a great free anti-comment spam plugin called "Spam Karma 2," that catches pretty much every spam without my intervention. There is also some anti-spam blacklist that comes with WP 2.0, but I've turned it off because SK2 does the job just fine on it's own.

I don't know what's available for MovableType now, but the Wordpress options are a huge improvement over mt-blacklist & the comment closer I was using with MT a couple years ago.

Censorship is wrong. In any form or flavor.