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April 21, 2005
White House: No More Politics

Bush took time out from the Social Security Road Show to urge Congress to "put aside politics" and just rubber-stamp his nominations already.

"I welcome you to the nation's capital, where sometimes politics gets in the way of doing the people's business," Mr. Bush said early on. "Take John Bolton, the good man I nominated to represent our country at the United Nations.

"John's distinguished career in service to our nation demonstrates that he is the right man at the right time for this important assignment. I urge the Senate to put aside politics and confirm John Bolton to the United Nations."

The New York Times

This silly talking point about "politics" is just dumb. Asking politicians to stop their politickin' is like asking a dog to stop licking his ass. He can't help it, it's part of being a dog.

Nah, that's no good. Colorful, but not so accurate. It's like asking a police officer if he could please just get the job done without wasting time with all that police work.

The Senate's refusal to rush Bolton's nomination through is perfectly legitimate. It's their job. The reason the vote has been delayed is that several Republicans on the Foreign Relations Committee have expressed serious reservations about his being the right man for the job. The President, of course, has never done anything that wasn't the exact right decision at the exact right time, so these Senators are obviously working with Osama.

For more on Bolton and the history of long debates over the appointment of previous U.N. ambassadors, see American Progress' rundown.

And then there's this:

The Bush administration's nominee to be ambassador to the United Nations once threw a file folder and a tape dispenser at an American businesswoman in Moscow, disparaged her weight and alleged she was gay in an attempt to get her to withdraw criticism of a foreign-aid project, the woman said Wednesday.

USA Today


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