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July 23, 2005
A World Gone Mad

egypt bombings

Blasts in Egypt Kill at Least 83 at Resort in Sinai Peninsula

As someone said, this isn't a clash of civilizations, it's a clash between people who are civil and people who are not. And those who are not civil are not Muslims, or Arabs, or foreigners, they are simply murderers and lunatics. They have no legitimacy. Their cause is death only.

They are wrong about everything. These tactics will always fail to engender the changes they seek. Should a place such as hell exist, it was made for them.


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It is time for the Muslims around the world who do not support this and do not want to be seen as silent supporters of this kind of thing to take a stand alongside the rest of us in saying this is not acceptable in anybodies town. It is due to the fact that many many Muslims believe what the terrorist are doing is right that the terrorist have the funding to operate, the places to hide, the recruits to draw upon, and the mullahs to continue teaching a fanatical form of religion that not only accepts but endorses these acts.

I'm leftist, Despise Bush and big business for what they are doing to my country. So please don't think I'm a loon that dropped by from LGF supporting the mass genocide of the Muslim religion. But it is high time for a stand to be made by Muslims worldwide. If they are unable to do so what choices are we left with? To allow the bombings of civilians to continue? To give in to the demands of terrorist? To deport Muslims? There is a problem and it needs to be addressed. Bush is bad and Rove should hang and war is bad and we shouldnt have attacked Iraq ect are all legitimate problems but do not address a very serious problem we do have. Terrorism.

I don't think Muslims will take a stand against their fanatical side. It seems to me, deep down they carry within the belief that there's the potential for the extremists being correct, that western culture is detrimental to purist Muslim values. It's similar in vein to when Christians here don't even raise a brow when abortion clinics are bombed, or another gay is killed by Christian radical loonbags. Deep down they truly feel extremists are doing the work required of them, they don't do, because it wouldn't be PR friendly if they did. They'd loose potential clients to help the absurd agenda if they openly supported the violence.

It's kinda the Republican administration now does contracting torture out to other countries.


IT'S FUCKING SICK, and it doesn't help their PR cause, which is why they don't advertise. Deep down however, these Republican christian degenerates feel it works, which is why they continue to do it.

If religionists truly denounced these things, they'd be denouncing the absolutism the religion really does advocate. The good thing about this is everytime they do it, true liberalism, true secularism, gets another notch on triumph belt. I recommend recognizing it for what it is, and denouncing altogether every bit of fairy nonsense in, replacing it with a more pragmatic productive ethical outlook.

Religion looses control after losing credibility, because it's forced to change, and adapt. Bringing the same topic up again, slavery is a good example. The bible's okay with it, but in fact IT'S WRONG, so's killing a child simply because he/she's "disobedient".

“Servants, obey in all things your masters.” So obviously the Biblical God thinks slavery is right, right? Just look at these: Isaiah 58:6 “Undo the heavy burdens... let the oppressed go free, ... break every yoke.” Matthew 23:10 “Neither be ye called Masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.” (Also see Exodus 22:21 & 21:16) Let it be known here that pro-slavery Bible verses were cited by many churches in the South during the Civil War, and were used by some theologians in the Dutch Reformed Church to justify apartheid in South Africa.

Read more here:


Taken in its true literal form, these religions really are pretty vile, no matter how much apologists try obfuscating otherwise. The Quran is not the all-loving peace book Muslim apologists try to justify:


Just as the bible really isn't either:


To be true to these texts, requires doing some pretty horrific things, and believing some pretty absurd things. True justice on this earth will only come about after people have chosen to deliver themselves from such irrational outlooks, into a world that accepts that any Gods that ever existed have always really just been hypothetically socially constructed in the imaginations of the same people who baselessly claim them real.

Believe what I think you should beleive, or else all will be bad... Is that it Jer? Push your beleifs or lack thereof on someone else. Are you sure that you are not religeous, you sound as if you are preaching.

Not quite so simplistically dualist Spurrier.

There are ethical beliefs one can follow outside of a religious context; so there is no "lack thereof" of anything. There's always something, and it's not just "either or" either. Rational ethics stand on their own, as formulated by willing people, and can still be followed. That is why there are laws, which are made by people.

I'm not saying there is necessarily an absolute "theee" way, other than those people choose for themselves. I don't advocate anything so irrationally grody as to be based on something baseless, yet used as a base irresponsibly as a reason for one's actions. I'm certainly not forcing you to do anything other than consider seeing what's really being presented. People shouldn't be following anything that's led toward so much disdain, and keeps people in such a state, extreme enough to justify slavery, or the blind massacred blanket bombing of other individuals, yet turn around the next moment as if nothing's happened, because they have an imaginary friend that tells them they can.

All sides must be seen of a certain situation, before coming to a good plan of action on how to approach it. Just because you don't agree with me is not good enough reason for me to call you "evil", "infidel", "sinner", or any other such term. Me formulating any imaginary extensions of my own ego to justify calling you such things, and following through are also flimsy actions, based on flimsy argumentation. People must take responsibility for the choices, and the Gods they create if there's to be any justice of any sort.

And you know Spurrier, if there weren't Muslim bombers pushing on people's space, or religious advocates pushing on policies I frankly don't agree with, there wouldn't be a reason to even be saying anything, not if there was good reason to agree with what was being said, or done. But, when I'm not pushing, others are. Therefore, I'll not stop expressing any views simply because they form a discord on someone else's. So, no.