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January 2, 2006
Barbie: Gay?

In case you're not sufficiently convinced of the 100% batshit-crazy-insane nature of the anti-gay movement in this country, allow me to share with you the undeniable truth.

"Concerned Women for America" is attacking Mattel for a poll on the barbie.com website, claiming that the poll promotes bisexuality and gender confusion.

It's all so disturbingly crazy I can't even explain it. You just have to listen to their explanation. It's only a couple minutes long. Listen as Bob Knight -- clearly not a woman and concerned only with being f'ing BATS -- explains how Mattel is secretly planting the seeds of bisexuality in 4-year-olds. It's a masterwork of lunacy.

He closes by explaining that Barbie isn't teaching little girls what good Christian girls are supposed to do: grow up, get married, and have babies.

Again, the audio. Keep in mind that people who think very much like this are currently running our country. It's worse than you think.

Via AMERICAblog by way of The Slog.


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