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September 28, 2000
Wow! That piano is fun!!

Wow! That piano is fun!! I can't wait to actually be able to play something. I was learning The Entertainer beginning part, learning it for 2 hands. Got it down pretty well, not that it's very hard. I want to learn the rest of the song, it's hard though just doing it by ear. But the thing is cool. I recorded The Entertainer > Chaos > Entertainer. You can make some fucked up noises with that thing. I sat at it for an hour probably and now my eyes are all blurry. I have to get glasses. I think I'm extremely tired too. As is obvous from last night's post, I didn't get much sleep. Passed out with my clothes on at about 1:30, woke up at 4:30 thinking it was already daytime and I had missed my dentist' appointment and all, but it was the middle of the night, I got undressed and went back to sleep.
Now I have waaay too many toys to play with. I'll never get anything done on anything of them. If I start focusing more of my energy on the piano and less on the computer, I won't be terribly disappointed. I can tell I'm very tired because I'm getting hot. Should try to get some sleep so I'm somewhat rested for Vegas. Boy am I going to be tired when I get back on Sunday. At least Heather is giving me a ride to the airport, that will save me a lot of time. I can come home, pack, rest a bit, and then go. And Denyse and I will have a couple hours to hang out at SeaTac before our flight.
I hope Oscar calls me back and we get started soon. I'm excited. Yay!


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