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July 16, 2001
No time for this! Bed

No time for this! Bed time! Run for the bed!

It is in fact way past my bedtime, and Fear Factor really wasn't worth it. But at least now I know. These reality shows, it's best to watch an episode, see for yourself how ridiculous they are, and then you never have to watch that particular one again. This will work for me with Fear Factor. Slightly interesting, only very slightly.

Volleyball was terrific fun. I can't think of the last time I played a sport on a team, against another team, in anything even remotely like an organized way. It's great. I've been wanting it for years, in the back of my mind. I'm excited about this.

Moved some stuff over to Denyse's new pad. That place is sweet. I almost wish it was to be mine, or ours. Not now, though, and that's fine. The place will be there, it seems like the kind of place we could pass along to friends. And mama mia! That Thai restaurant down the street was fantastic! A real neighborhood, it'll be fun to hang out there. Play dominos on the stoop, complain about the government, paint things.

I have no idea how to play dominos.


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