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March 6, 2002
Testing out this photo class.

Testing out this photo class.

Okay, it worked. How nice.

Instead of doing that, I really should have been writing interesting content for my long-neglected blog. Woe is me. I promised an exciting new entry and I failed to deliver. Woe is you. Woe is someone, that's for sure. But hey, that photo is spiffy, and it took me 15 seconds.

Really, I have an excuse. I've been working on the side project I mentioned a few posts ago, and it's coming along. Almost done. I'll share it soon. I showed it to Luke and he was appropriately psyched, so that's encouraging.

Note well-formed xml. I just learned that.

One of my volleyball teams is 7-1 and the other is 8-10. It's been feeling so much better lately, winning and so on, and Block Island (our gay team) is champs. We kicked some seriously flaming ass.

So, the picture explanation. This image, it's presentation and posting, if not it's original conception, is in response to an article cheekily titled Hereby banned from all web logs. Not so much an article as a web log itself, it listed one item that caught my attention, namely: - Digital camera photos that are: ... Intended for The Mirror Project - wink! ;). I don't know what that wink is about, but come to think of it. it's probably something akin what I've done, which makes what I've done all the more ironic or idiotic, depending on your point of view.

I posted this image to the mirror project simply because this guy told me not to. I don't usually subscribe to, nor pay any attention to, web log etiquette, so I thought it would be funny to blatantly thwart this "rule". In retrospect it's not very funny and he was probably right. The Mirror Project is dumb. I've violated most of his other rules too, many in this very post, so fuck it. Fuck him. Fuck you.

Ha ha. I'm kidding. I love you.

That's the story, now here's the challenge. The first person to tell me what's wrong with that picture gets a shiny nickel. From me. If it's after this Friday, I'll make it a quarter.


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