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December 23, 2004
Rumsfeld Saddened, Lying
"I am truly saddened by the thought that anyone could have the impression that I, or others here (at the Pentagon), are doing anything other than working urgently to see that the lives of the fighting men and women are protected and are cared for in every way humanly possible," Rumsfeld, minus his trademark swagger, told reporters.

"When I meet with the wounded, with their families, or with the families of those who have been lost, their grief is something I feel to my core," Rumsfeld added.


Poor Rummy.

I mean, if any of this were in any way genuine I would say poor Rummy.

In reality, of course, he's just furiously trying to save his ass. If he were truly sitting up nights feeling every death and injury deeply in his soul, one imagines he probably wouldn't be playing racquetball while a machine signed condolence letters.

As commenter WSH astutely pointed out a few posts back, he's a turd and he's always been a turd.


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