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September 23, 2000
My eyes hurt a alot.

My eyes hurt a alot. I can't do no more. Been doing graphics work (for no good reason, of course) for the past hour or so, and it's just too painful to continue. Must sleep. Or at least do something else with my eyes.

Mariners game tonight was fun, though a terrible baseball game. Always nice to get out with the workies (the work droids) and do some stuff. Saw Laura and some other people I rarely see, and that's always nice. Now Erik has signed in and I'll have to talk to his ass for a while, I'm sure. I kid, I kid, because he's a great guy and I love him like a veggie burger. He's got that funny smile and those cute little.. what's its.. I don't know.. something's cute about him though.. Everyone says so. He's some funny bastard.

So now I'm trying to talk to him and write dump my friggin core at the same time. Plus I'm tired.

Okay, done with that. He has a girlfriend, that bastard, so he had to go. Me? I ain't got shit, so I stay and do this. Woo! Not really. I'm done with this.


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